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Refund Policy

We provide genuine retail barcodes for a one-off cost used in the vast majority of retail stores internationally. Once we have assigned a barcode, we cannot then take it back into our pool and resell it to other customers. Therefore, we can’t provide refunds for any old reason. Having said that, there are some circumstances where we may consider refunding your money.

  • Suppose you discover a store that we don’t list on our barcode acceptance page that won’t accept our barcodes (and can provide written statements from the store regarding this). In that case, we will consider refunding the amount paid, provided you contact us within 3 weeks of your purchase, and you sign up to GS1 in your country (and show us proof of your GS1 membership).

We won’t refund if:

  • You are expecting to receive barcodes with your country code but don’t necessarily need them. We explain that our barcodes begin with a ‘07’ or ‘06’ on our website in various places, including on our FAQ page, our Buy Barcodes page, and implicitly with the images displayed on the home page. We don’t represent anywhere that our barcodes begin with your country code.

Note – Barcodes related to any refund given will be marked on the online databases as illegal for use on products.