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The Benefits of Our Barcodes

We are often asked, “Why should we buy barcodes from you?”

So – 6 quick benefits of our barcodes –

1. Quality You Can Trust EAN 13

The barcodes we supply are of high quality and can be used with confidence. We have clear phone numbers and email addresses (for support if needed), addresses, company details etc., on our website – so you know who you are dealing with. When you spend lots of money developing your product, designing and printing the packaging, and marketing and distributing your products, it is worth getting your barcodes from a knowledgeable and trustworthy source. Imagine the cost and effort if your barcode doesn’t scan or isn’t accepted by a retailer. Many other barcode sellers are either very inaccurate or completely dishonest in what they claim – see Barcode Sales Warnings for more information about companies to stay away from.


2. Accepted by More Retailers Worldwide shops

Yes – our barcodes are accepted by MORE retailers worldwide than any other barcode seller. As part of the International Barcodes Network (see below), our barcodes are proven, and we provide additional services, ensuring that our barcodes meet the exacting requirements of retailers worldwide, including many who insist on Barcode Verification Reports or Global Location Numbers (GLNs) or Company Prefixes or Barcode Registration as proof of ownership. This ensures that the barcode numbers we supply are accepted by more retailers worldwide than any other barcode seller. As a result, our barcodes are accepted by 99.9% of retailers worldwide.


3. Part of an International Barcodes Network IBN Logo   


We are pleased to be part of the International Barcodes Network – this is a network of independent barcode sellers worldwide. This network has barcode sellers in 60+ countries – and brings a wealth of knowledge about barcode requirements and acceptance worldwide, plus the security of knowing that you are purchasing barcodes from a company that is recognised by an international network, along with the associated support and longevity this brings.

Being part of an international network, working with barcode sellers in 60 countries, means that we understand the exacting requirements of the barcode industry. This knowledge enables us to provide up-to-date information about barcode acceptance and barcoding requirements – helping our customers avoid problems, and saving them time and money.

4. Includes FREE Barcode Registration products2  


All our barcode packages come with FREE barcode registration – this allows you to register your product and/or company details alongside the barcode number in an online database, which auto-feeds this information to other online databases. This makes it easier for retailers and customers to find your company & product information through searching online for the barcode number or with a barcode scanning app. It also helps prevent theft or accidental misuse of your barcode numbers, as you have extra proof that they belong to you. And it also helps those few reluctant retailers who still think GS1’s database has all the answers – you can point them to this independent database where your barcodes are registered, as proof that they are yours and are valid and legitimate – this can save a lot of wasted time and unnecessary frustration with some retailers.

It is easy to copy a barcode – anyone can see a barcode number and then duplicate that barcode on a different product. Our registration helps protect you against illegal use of your barcode numbers, and helps retailers and customers find the details of your product and business.

5. Includes Barcode Company Prefix Company Prefix1


Retailer friendly company, prefix. If you purchase barcodes in lots of 10 or 100 or 1000, we supply our barcodes with a genuine company prefix – this barcode prefix belongs to you alone and can be used to identify your company. The first digits of this prefix are completely yours, and the remaining digits are varied to create all the barcode numbers owned by you. This makes things easier for the retailer when they are stocking lots of your products.

If you only have a few products, then the ‘Company Prefix’ isn’t important. But if you have many products, then you can protect your products and barcode numbers by purchasing in lots of 10, 100 or 1000 & receiving a company prefix. This also helps avoid confusion with retailers.

6. Detailed Information & Support  


For first-time customers and customers who come back many times, we provide detailed information on our website. Other (cheap & unreliable) barcode sellers DON’T have detailed information about Barcode Acceptance Internationally, Amazon Barcodes, Retail Barcode Dimensions, Carton Barcode Dimensions, Company Prefixes, plus book barcodes, magazine barcodes…. the list goes on.

CONFUSED? The ‘world’ of barcodes can be confusing and frightening. You don’t want to make mistakes. We make the barcodes process easier by providing comprehensive information, backed up by email, online, and phone support. If you want a retail barcode, the easiest place to start is here – with our Introduction to Barcodes. Or if you are ready to buy barcodes look here.